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Privacy Policy and Data Storage

The personal information that you provide is processed by the company in compliance with Latvian laws: "Personal Data Protection Act."  The company doesn’t save the so-called "Cookies" on the website klumba.lv . When you visit the website klumba.lv and make purchase as a visitor, or/and during a registration, you personally and manually enter information about yourself: your name, address, and contact details. This information is intended solely for complete order processing and fulfillment. The company  doesn’t require any other personal information from you at any stage of registration or purchase or by requesting via email, including other websites, passwords, banking and payment card details (These details are required by bank or payment operators, and their query is not associated with the website  klumba.lv. The site gets only  a confirmation or a denial of a payment from the operator), notarized certificates or other documents that could lead to future pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages.

The website requires  your contact information, phone number and email address, for complete order processing and fulfillment and to provide further   information about our special offers and/or discounts. They are sent only twice a month to avoid overloading your email or phone. When you receive notifications from klumba.lv more often than this Policy states, notify us immeidately. If you no longer want to receive information about updates from klumba.lv, let us know by sending an email with the request to remove your personal and contact information from our database.

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