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  1. Buy flowers in Riga (express delivery within Latvia)
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Secure payments

Here, you can make an order and pay for it over the Internet. We guarantee you the secure payments made in our online shop.

Payments are done by world-known international payment companies. After choosing your order and payment system, you are instantly taken to the page of the payment system where everything is done. The page  is protected against hacking. When using the PayPal payment system, you will not only get your payment security, but you also speed it up. The payment technology of plastic cards 3DSecure  involved in the program Visa"Verified" is a reliable guarantee of safety when buying online. If you prepay with WebMoney, 3-level protection is used.

Which system should be used? The choice is yours!

Save your time and buy flowers and bouquets in our online shop Klumba!

Using credit cards or other payment methods is simple, fast, and secure! Keep up with the progress, or you’ll stay in the past!

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